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Allow me to show you around. In the Comics section you will find a comic series entitled Miralis and Trent by Mara and Fallow. It has been published since 2001, although the English version appeared in 2013. The series is based on a RPG session played years ago. It is a story of a certain sorceress and an elven warrior who travel the world in search of adventures. But that is not all. Apart from the main series you will find there other comics more or less connected with the adventures of the mentioned pair.

For more works of Mara and Fallow, check out the Pictures section, where you can find lots of pictures more or less related to the Miralis and Trent series, including images from calendars that we have been publishing more or less regularly since 2002.

You can also check out the Video section, where some adaptations of Lord Ya's dramas, based on J.R.R. Tolkien's works, can be found. There are also other videos available. Videos are only in Polish.

The Texts section is currently unavailable in English.


Sunday 13th of February 2022 A.D author: Lord Ya

New comic: Hana.

We've managed to update the site before a full year! Today we give you a new comic: Dragon Bay. Not one page or two, but full 32 pages. And why? Because tomorrow we celebrate the day feast day of Cyril and Methodius... and something with this V guy...

Wednesday 10th of March 2021 A.D author: Lord Ya

Some time ago Trent celebrated his tenth aniversary on Facebook. There was a picture from Fallow to celebrate this event. And in June we will be celebrating twentieth aniversary of Trent's and Miralis' presence on Fort Ya.

Friday 25th of December 2020 A.D author: Lord Ya

During the last few days, Trents on his Facebook profile gave you some pre-Christmas challenges. But now it's Christmas, so we have a present for you: The Stranger, page 75, page 76, page 77 and page 78. And this concludes the adventure of Thor.

Sunday 20th of December 2020 A.D author: Lord Ya

The Stranger, page 74.

Sunday 6th of December 2020 A.D author: Lord Ya

The Stranger, page 73. Also, during the whole month of December, check Trents's Facebook profile, you'll find some surprises there.