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Allow me to show you around. In the Comics section you will find a comic series entitled Miralis and Trent by Mara and Fallow. It has been published since 2001, although the English version appeared in 2013. The series is based on a RPG session played years ago. It is a story of a certain sorceress and an elven warrior who travel the world in search of adventures. But that is not all. Apart from the main series you will find there other comics more or less connected with the adventures of the mentioned pair.

For more works of Mara and Fallow, check out the Pictures section, where you can find lots of pictures more or less related to the Miralis and Trent series, including images from calendars that we have been publishing more or less regularly since 2002.

You can also check out the Video section, where some adaptations of Lord Ya's dramas, based on J.R.R. Tolkien's works, can be found. There are also other videos available. Videos are only in Polish.

The Texts section is currently unavailable in English.


Sunday, 4th of February 2018 A.D autor: Lord Ya

It's time for a March page from 2018 calendar. And in encyclopaedia we have an appearance of Shadows final boss, the demon.

Sunday, 18th of February 2018 A.D autor: Lord Ya

Still no calendar, but again with a new picture from Mara. Plus Meravin in encyclopaedia.

Sunday, 11th of February 2018 A.D autor: Lord Ya

No calendar today, but we have a new picture from Mara. And in encyclopaedia you'll find Yumiko.

Sunday, 4th of February 2018 A.D autor: Lord Ya

It's February, so it's also time for February page from 2018 calendar. And to encyclopaedia we've added dragon-warrior.

Sunday, 28th of January 2018 A.D autor: Lord Ya

We start this year with a slight delay. Change of plans: you're getting the page from 2018 calendar now. To make it better, this time you get the actual calendar – so you could feel its multi-lingual character. We'll try to deliver the page for February sooner, so it could be used. Additionlly, we go back to the encyclopaedia. It's time for the dragon warrior.

Sunday, 31st of December 2017 A.D author: Lord Ya

And December. We've managed to upload whole 2016 calendar in 2017. So you may expect 2018 calendar in 2019. Speaking of which, if you'll hurry to Trent's Facebook profile, you may take part in a contest.